The Cooper School Daily

And… We’re Back!


First Grade got a special treat this week. Each morning, new friends from Charleston Stage came to the classroom to teach about drama and acting. They learned warm-ups, like one where they pretended to be crazy bananas. They played games with names like “Boppity Bop Bop Bop.” What’s not to love? Not only that, they learned about the importance of controlling their bodies and voices in order to be successful actors. In small groups, First Graders learned to take direction to produce a short skit with a Charleston Stage actors.


revisingDuring our math “exploration” this week, students got to work with straightedges (rulers). We learned that rulers can be used to measure objects, and also to draw very straight lines. In each of three centers, First Graders got to practice using straightedges correctly. This activity will serve as a foundation for future lessons in measuring, using both centimeters and inches.

Writing Workshop

It was a big week in Writing Workshop! Students chose just one book to turn into a Final Copy. It was a tough choice because, at this point in the unit, their folders are nearly bursting with good stories! After making the difficult choice, we worked for two full days on revising and editing. Our stories went from good to great when we learned to add details and use Craft Moves from mentor authors.