The Cooper School Daily

Animals of the Polar Regions

Social Studies
Our study of the Polar Regions is getting more and more exciting! On Wednesday of this week, students each chose a polar animal to research and present to parents at our Polar Presentation. First, students had time to explore the books in our classroom that feature polar animals. As they familiarized themselves with the options, each student made a top-3 list of animals that they were interested in studying. Students then chose a polar animal that no one else chose so that we can learn about as many different animals as possible. We hope you’re excited to learn more about arctic foxes, polar bears, chinstrap penguins, narwhals, and much more!

On Wednesday of this week, students got to have a Math Exploration! During exploration days, First Graders get to go to several different math stations to explore new materials, new types of problems, and new strategies. This week, we had an activity that developed readiness for fractions, that provided practice with addition facts, and one that provided for the exploration of various types of triangles. Math Exploration days are very exciting, and we had a great time learning about these different areas of math.

Class Pet
This week, after getting to know our new tortoise a bit, we chose a name for him! The process of choosing a name is always really exciting, and we started with a long list of great choices, like Tacky, Jack, Sparks, Franklin, and more! After several rounds of voting, we finally decided on Joe. We are so excited to have Joe as a part of our classroom community, and we look forward to having lots of fun in the sun with our new reptile friend.

Important Dates

•   Monday, February 27 – TCS Sibling Day (4 and 5 year old siblings)
•   Monday and Tuesday, March 6-7 – Student-Led Conferences, 11:30am-3:30pm
•   Thursday, March 9 – TCS Movie Screening, Terrace Theatre, 6:45pm-8:45pm
•   Friday, March 10 – “Parent’s Night Out” Event, 5:30pm-8:00pm