The Cooper School Daily

Another Week of Magic!

Polar Presentation

This week, First Grade Polar Experts were able to share all of their hard work with their favorite audience during their Polar Presentation. Scholars proudly shared their research about a unique Arctic-dwelling animal, with their families. From there, First Grade scholars took their parents on a tour of writing, showing all they know about the Arctic’s indigenous people, the Inuit. Parents were able to make discoveries about Inuit food, shelter, clothing and transportation, and how these things have changed over time. Families enjoyed exploring Inuit-inspired art projects including: mini Inuksuit, snow goggles, soap carvings and more! Interactive centers allowed students to guide their families in building igloos out of sugar cubes and comparing Inuit grocery store prices to the prices that we pay here in Charleston. This was such a special day for First Grade friends!


 First Grade Readers took a closer look at Cynthia Rylant’s unique and diverse characters during Reading Workshop this week. These brave readers were introduced to the idea of personification! First Graders discovered that when characters who are animals or inanimate objects are given human qualities, they have been personified. Ask your brave reader what they learned about personification this week!

 Math Explorations

 This week First Grade Mathematicians investigated pattern blocks to develop readiness for fractions, practiced addition facts, and compared various triangle shapes during their math explorations day. During their hands-on pattern block explorations, scholars used concrete materials to help visualize and explain fractions as equal parts of a collection. Next, First Grade Mathematicians worked in partnerships using random number generators to generate and solve addition fact problems, record sums, and tally the number of odd and even sums. Finally, to further investigate the different shapes of triangles, students formed triangles using geoboards and given specifications. Math exploration days are always a First Grade crowd-pleaser!

Important Dates


March 5th & 6th – Conferences (early dismissal)

March 8th             –  Silent Auction

March 30th-April 8th– Spring Break