The Cooper School Daily

April 12th, 2019


Third Graders were so excited to welcome our class crayfish this week. Students began studying the creatures by learning to handle them, observing their behavior within their environment, and noting the different structures they use for basic functions of life. Students began reading all about the different adaptations of animals this week and the benefits they have for that animal’s means of survival. Students are excited to explain the difference between structural and behavioral adaptations!



This week, The Cooper School took some time to meet and work as a whole school on writing poetry to be considered for our Pass It On Tribute Poem. Students were excited to write poetry in honor of Earthwatch, the charity in which students voted to donate proceeds from the sale of this book. Students have used their inspiration from Earthwatch to continue writing and revising poems about protecting animal habitats.



Third Graders have been learning to use poetry mentor texts to inspire their own writing. Last week, students finished reading Sharon Creech’s Love That Dog. This week, readers were captured by Creech’s sequel, Hate That Cat. Third Graders have followed Jack through his experiences dealing with losing his own dog, and now meeting a cat that he’s not so fond of. Students have loved reading more of Jack’s story and comparing Jack’s experiences to ones of their own!


Important Dates:

  • April 19th-22nd – April Break (No School)
  • April 17th – First Rock Climbing Date
  • April 24th – Flat Stanley Field Trip
  • April 25th- Spring Auction
  • May 10th- Pass It On (5pm-6pm)