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Arm Span

Arm Span

This week math scholars partnered together to measure each other’s arm spans in centimeters and inches. Second Graders learned that arm span measure the distance from fingertip to fingertip across outstretched arms.  Scholars also noticed that when comparing units of length of centimeters versus inches you can fit more centimeters than inches in the same arm span. They learned that this was because they are smaller units.

Globes vs. Maps

Our geography scholars took a deep dive into looking at the differences between maps and globes.  When thinking of a globe, Second Graders visualized an orange being peeled. As an orange is peeled, the peel can be flattened. This type of formation helps scholars visualize how a map might appear if a globe were peeled.

Pauses in Poetry

Poetry studies continued with a focus in taking purposeful pauses in our readings.  Students studied “Sick” and “No Grown Ups” by Shel Silverstein. Scholars paired together to read poems aloud, matching their pauses as they presented to the class.  Second Grade poets noticed that the period was a signal in poetry to pause. Question marks signal a tone of inflection!

Important Dates

March 25-29 Spring Break

April 6th Spring Planting Party