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Art, Music, and More!

Art Walk


The Art Walk is a unique and wonderful experience for The Cooper School community. Our fantastic art teacher, Kerry Bevers, works with your artists each week creating masterpieces. Student work is mounted and put on display by an array of volunteers, students practice speaking about their art and write thoughtful artist statements. Finally, the Art Walk arrives! Families move through the building, taking in all of the extraordinary artwork that decks the halls.

This year, the Cooper School Art Walk was impressive! Students from Kindergarten to 5th grade displayed amazing talent in various forms of artwork, from landscapes, to symmetry studies and works in pastels and watercolors. Don’t be fooled by those delicious looking donuts! They are art, not snack! Thank you for everyone who was able to come and participate in this celebration of beauty, hard work and talent by everyone involved.


Recently, Fourth Graders have been working on building their independence in the classroom and throughout the day. Together, we brainstormed ways in which they can help themselves be more independent during their work time. Students decided that if they are feeling stuck the very first thing they should do is reread the directions. The next step, to continue working independently would be to look at the board or the classroom walls to see if further directions are available. If both of those steps do not help to unstick them, students should ask at least three friends before asking the teacher. This plan allows students to learn to first rely on themselves and their resources before asking another person for help. This also helps them to have multiple sources for help, more than just the teacher.

Exploring Culture Through Music

Third and Fourth Graders enjoyed having a very special visiting expert this week. Our guest came to teach and share about instruments and relics from all over Asia. Daniel Scruggs brought his extensive knowledge along with a unique variety of instruments, and explained their origins to a captivated audience. Our visiting expert inspired these young minds to think beyond the walls of their school and to be curious about the world. Ask your student what they enjoyed the most about our most recent visiting expert!


Important Dates:

  • February 7 – Parent Coffee, 8:00
  • February 10 – 1:15 Revolution Presentations
  •                         – 2:15 Bake Sale
  • February 14 – Valentine’s Day Concert, 1:00 at the Circular Church
  • February 20-21 – No School