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Art Walk



This week Fifth Grade mathematicians continued collecting data and organizing it into bar graphs, percent circles and stem and leaf plots. We studied frequency tables and studied sample sizes and population. They also used colorful candy to experiment with the idea of “sample size”. Ask your student which color of candy showed up the most in their group!

Art Walk

Yesterday, It was great to see many of you at the Art Walk. All the Fifth Graders were proud to display their works in the gallery format and view their published Artist Statements. Next week, 5th grade will begin Art Explorations. On Tuesdays, they will meet with Hazel, Kerry, or Anne Wil for this class. Each 5th grader picked music, art, or creative writing as a topic they wanted to explore more and be challenged in. The published author, Cinelle Barnes, will even be helping with the creative writing group one week! I can’t wait to see more of the creative work!

Science Fair

Students have been hard at work preparing for the Science Fair. Students have completed their 5-paragraph research paper, planned their procedure and listed their variables. Students will complete their experiment over the weekend, collect their data, and write their conclusion. Students will begin next week planning their board design. I can’t wait to see everyone’s final display!


Important Dates:

February 5th –Science Fair

February 9th– Valentine Bake Sale 2:15-2:45

February 14th – Valentine’s Day Concert 1:30 pm (Circular Church)

February 16th -19th – February Break