The Cooper School Daily

Art Walk

Art Walk

Kindergarteners were eager and proud to participate in the Art Walk on Thursday. Students were thrilled to see and share art created by themselves and friends in their learning community. Their unique artist statements expressed how art makes them feel. Thank you parents and families for attending our Art Walk and supporting our creativity!


Clothing and Fabrics Come Alive In K!

Kindergarteners eagerly embarked upon an exciting new study of clothing and fabrics during Science and Social Studies this week. We explored students’ knowledge of clothing and fabrics and then shared wonders about this topic. Students are excited to explore the many purposes of clothing including: decoration, communication, modesty, and protection.


Reading Fun

This week in Reading Workshop Kindergartners were introduced to their “Reading Mat folders”. These folders encourage scholars to stack books from easiest to hardest. Kindergarteners then read all the books in that order, and then reread their way back. Kindergartners used all of their reading powers such as snap word power, pointer power, rereading power and so many more. Ask your Kindergartner to show you some of their favorite powers they use for reading!

Important Dates:

  • Friday, February 1st- 100th Day Projects Due
  • Monday, February 4th-100th Day of School
  • Thursday, February 14th -Valentine’s Day Concert
  • Friday, February 15th – Move Up Day
  • Monday, February 18th- No School