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Art Walk !!!


Second Graders explored the topic of temperature in math this week by studying a thermometer and measuring the degree changes.  As part of our “parts to total” lesson, students measured the increase or decrease in temperature using addition and subtraction strategies.   

Art Walk

Wow! We have some truly gifted artists in Second Grade. Students were so excited to showcase their pieces to family and friends as our Cooper School community gathered Friday morning. Our building transformed into a dazzling gallery of watercolors and pastels, with each piece beaming with the personality of its artist. We were very proud of how mature our students acted as they effortlessly led their admirers around the school, discussing their favorite artists and pieces. It was a huge accomplishment and success for all artists involved!

Compliment Writing

Just about everyone is familiar with the definition of a compliment. A compliment is an expression of praise or admiration. Although students give and receive bits of praise daily, this week Second Graders discussed giving and receiving meaningful compliments. They expressed the sentimental feeling one gets when receiving a genuine compliment. They also realized compliments weren’t just for the recipients, but for them as well. Students discovered that by taking time to admire their classmates’ best qualities they built strong relationships and nurtured friendships.

Important Dates:

Saturday, 2/8 Family Fun Night 

Thursday, 2/13 Valentine’s Day Bake Sale (2:15)

Monday, 2/17 February Break-No School