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Art Walk Extravaganza

Art Walk

     Wow! We have some truly gifted artists in Second Grade. Students were so excited to showcase their pieces to family and friends as our Cooper School community gathered Thursday morning. Our building transformed into a dazzling gallery of watercolors and pastels, with each piece beaming with the personality of its artist. We were very proud of how mature our students acted as they effortlessly led their admirers around the school, discussing their favorite artists and pieces. It was a huge accomplishment and success for all artists involved!

Opinion Writing

     Our writing classes have been hard at work learning how to write letters that include opinions. We have practiced proper greetings and signatures. Starting last week with our pen pal letters, students have been practicing beginning their letters with an attention-grabbing statement that will hook their readers right away. Deciphering the difference between opinion and fact has been a topic of discussion amongst students during this time. Students were encouraged to include three strong opinions about their favorite book, ending, or character from a book to include in the body of their letters.

Cooper Village Update

      If you have not heard about our recent developments in Cooper Village then you are in for a treat!! Second Graders are in the process of researching and writing about their jobs and businesses. They are really taking their roles to heart as students act out their jobs in the classroom and on the playground. Our resident record store owner even took it upon himself to create a survey for the class to gather some information regarding the musical preferences of the community. Currently we are discovering some natural disasters that could wreak havoc on Cooper Village if the proper precautions are not taken. We will start analyzing maps and begin our city planning next week!

Important Dates:

February 9 – Valentine’s Day Bake Sale (2:15-2:45)

February 14 – Valentine’s Day Concert at The Circular Church 1:30pm

February 16-19 – February Break