The Cooper School Daily

Art Walk, Zoology, and Getting Ready for the !00th Day!

Art Walk

Kindergarteners were eager and proud to participate in Art Walk. Students were thrilled to see and share art created by themselves and friends in their learning community. Their unique artist statements expressed how art makes them feel. Thank you parents and families for attending our Art Walk and supporting our creativity!

Budding Zoologists

Kindergarten scholars have been busy investigating the exciting world of zoology during Reading Workshop this week. This new unit of study begins with an investigation of various animal groups. As we move forward students will explore learning about animals in Savannahs, Forests, and Oceans. This week, young readers compared nonfiction texts about living and nonliving things in their world. They extended this topic to explore and compare domestic and wild animals during their reading time. Students discovered exciting facts about animals that live in a zoo, farm animals, and animals kept as pets. Through these exciting topics, students are enhancing their nonfiction reading skills like using the first two letter sounds and picture clues to determine unknown words in a text. They have practiced stopping in their reading and trying again when something doesn’t sound right that they have read.

Preparing for our 100th Day of Kindergarten

Kindergarten scholars are eagerly counting the days as we approach our 100th day of school. Each day before math, we conduct a calendar routine. In this calendar routine students examine the calendar to identify the date, name what day yesterday was and what day tomorrow will be. We count the days that we have been in school and add a number to our growing number line each morning. Students count how many days that we have been in school in a variety of ways. Currently, we are practicing counting by 5s.


Important Dates:

  • Monday, February 5th 100th Day Projects Are Due
  • Wednesday, February 7th 100th Day Celebration
  • Friday, February 9th Move Up Day
  • Friday, February 9th Bake Sale @2:15
  • Wednesday, February 14th Valentine’s Day Concert at The Circular Congregational Church
  • Friday, February 16 – Monday, February 19th No School