The Cooper School Daily

Athletes, Tinkerers, and Literary Experts


Over the past few weeks, 4th and 5thgraders have been learning the basics of volleyball during Movement. So far, your athletes have practiced the bump, set, and serve. They have done lots of skill and drill to prepare themselves for real play at a volleyball court. On Wednesday, the two classes headed to Isle of Palms to try their hand at playing with a net. The trip was a huge success! We discovered that playing a real game is challenging, yet tons of fun. We will be going on two more of these study trips this trimester.


After a suspenseful couple of weeks reading Holes by Louis Sachar, your deep readers turned their attention to a more somber read. This week, we dove head first into the book Missing May by Cynthia Rylant. The orphaned protagonist, Summer, has found her forever home with Aunt May and Uncle Ob after being passed from one apathetic relative to another. Unfortunately, May Photo_Sep_30,_9_19_59_Apasses away and Summer is left to pick up the pieces of Ob’s broken heart. Your readers have looked closely at the character relationships, character problems, and theme of the story. Although, this book can feel sad at times, Summer’s friend, Cletus, provides some much needed comic relief. Ask your child what they thought about Missing May!


A tinkerer could be described as an inventor, an artist, a designer, an engineer. All of these words describe your imaginative scientists perfectly! At The Cooper School, tinkering is a specific time set aside in the week for students to view available materials, create a design plan of something they want to make, and then carry out that plan. Over the years, I have seen students take apart old clocks and put them back together, create a pulley system to retrieve their pencil from the floor, or build a motorized go-cart. This week, 4th and 5th graders had the opportunity to view the new tinkering cart and create a wish list for items they would like to tinker with. We can’t wait to begin tinkering next week!