The Cooper School Daily

Welcome Kindergarteners!

New Friends

Kindergarteners were so excited to spend the week meeting new friends, spending time with old friends, and learning how to navigate their new school. We were thrilled to see Kindergartners bravely make eye contact, greet and shake hands with their classmates in our Morning Meetings. By Thursday, students were ready to bravely join the whole school in our weekly Whole School Morning Meeting. In our meeting, students discussed Cooper School playground rules.


Students kicked off their first week of Kindergarten by reviewing numbers. Kindergarteners created math booklets, starting with numbers 1 through 5. In the booklet, students practiced tracing the written word, the numeric digit, as well as putting their knowledge to practice by illustrating each one. We couldn’t help but smile as students drew one cat, two flowers, and three butterflies!

Our Classroom

Kindergarteners really blew us away this week as they soaked up all of the new rules and procedures of our classroom. Students quickly put into practice our silent signals for the bathroom, a tissue, water, a silent agreement with a friend, as well as just asking for help. Kindergarteners have mastered entering the classroom in the morning, unpacking their bags and getting started on their morning work. We are excited to see children continue to learn and grow!

Important Dates

September 2nd- No School
September 16th- Kindergarten Curriculum Night
September 20th- Cypress Gardens Field Trip