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Australian Animals, Adaptations, and Assessment


Students split into biome groups and began researching the animals that live in that biome. The focus of the research was to learn more about the animal, with specific attention on the adaptations they have in order to survive in their biome. Australian animals have many unique adaptations, specifically marsupials with their baby pouches. We will continue to study more about these animals next week!


Animal Adaptations

We began a new reading unit this week all about animal adaptations.  This is a nonfiction unit focused on reading for information and answering complex questions about the text. The big idea of this unit is to learn more about the connection between animals and their environments, especially how internal and external structures, including senses, work to support animal species’ survival in their specific habitat. The essential question that all of the articles relate to is: “How are animals’ physical characteristics and behaviors reflections of their environment?” This week, students have explored the differences between physical characteristics and behavior as they relate to adaptations. They have also looked at how adaptations are a result of evolution that happens over long periods of time.




In preparation for the March student-led conferences, scholars have begun the process of assessing their growth in Fourth Grade. During conferences, each student will discuss their strengths, goals that they would like to accomplish, and what interests them. This week, students selected sample work from Math and thought deeply about what it represented. They wrote about what they enjoy, and what they excel in doing. Next, scholars reflected on their reading progress. They selected a “Just Right” book and wrote reasons why they chose that particular book. Stay tuned for student-led conferences coming in March!


Important Dates:

Rebels and Redcoats                             Tuesday, Feb. 27th  

Student Led Conferences                     March 5th and 6th – Early Release                                                                        

                                                                   11:30 Dismissal

Silent Auction                                         Thursday, March 8th