The Cooper School Daily

Authentic Learning in First Grade


This week our insect study got a lot more exciting with the introduction of live mealworms! These interesting baby insects might seem icky to some, but our young scientists were instantly fascinated. They observed their appearance and behavior with magnifying glasses, created small habitats for them, and I even overheard some of the mealworms getting names (“Squirmy” and “Wormy” seemed like popular choices). Over the next several weeks, we will observe our mealworms as they grow and molt, and as they undergo metamorphosis into their adult stage. What will it be? We will have to wait and see!

garden_projectGarden Boxes

An important part of authentic insect study is observing them in nature. The backyard garden boxes are the perfect place to do that. First Graders encountered a problem when someone noticed that all of the garden boxes had been planted in by other classes! Undeterred, we solved the problem by discovering a weedy, portable garden box that had been long forgotten on the playground. We worked together to spruce it up, add soil, and plant flowers that are known to attract different insects.

Reading Buddies

Throughout the year, classes will get together to share the love of reading across grade levels. This week, we got to share our love of reading with Kindergarten. Choosing different quiet spots around the playground, First Graders and their Kindergarten friends shared at least two books. At the end of our time, we met as a large group in a circle and talked about what makes a good reading partner. We can’t wait to have Reading Buddies with another Cooper School class!