The Cooper School Daily

Autumn Air

First Graders Know All-About…

Last week, our First Grade authors wrapped up their first writing unit! This week, we have introduced our new writing unit. Our authors will soon be writing books all about a topic they are knowledgeable about. Our First Graders have been working so hard this week brainstorming and outlining topics that they “know all about”.


Our First Graders love music with Mr. Noodle! Our musicians begin their Mondays with a sing-along with Mr. Noodle and his many furry puppet friends. Mr. Noodle also introduced our students to new instruments. They have become very skilled with drumsticks and following a rhythm. This week they were introduced to the banjo!

Wax Worms

Our classroom has become a full-time Museum of Entomology! Our scientists have blown us away with how many insect specimens they have collected. For the past few weeks, we have loved observing our live ants and mealworms. This week, we have spent our time observing a new insect friend – wax worms! Our first graders have been working hard observing the wax worms and using their “compare and contrast” skills to understand the similarities and differences between our wax worms and mealworms. We even worked together as a class to create a medium for our wax worms to live in!

Important Dates:

Fall Break – No School: Oct 18-19

Halloween Carnival – 11:30 am Dismissal: Oct 29