The Cooper School Daily

Awesome Arguments!


5th Graders research and reflect on their debatable topics.

In our Reading unit this week we have been having a great time exploring how to read and interpret debatable topics. Some of the fascinating topics we are delving into include whether animals should be kept in zoos, whether people should continue to climb Mt. Everest, and whether or not plastic bags should be banned. It’s amazing to see how important these topics are to our world!  Everyone has been hard at work debating and fact-finding. 


5th Graders plan and draft their Argument Essays.

The milk may be cold, but the debate is hot! In Writing this week, we’ve begun learning all about writing a Researched-Based Argument Essay.  The topic of discussion: “Should chocolate milk be banned in schools?” This question has left the class split, with both sides working hard to gather research, write thesis claims, and find “spicy” quotes to make their essay the most convincing! 

Social Studies-

On Friday, we concluded our Europe unit with an amazing Gallery Presentation. Each student researched a European country of their choice and presented their findings in poster-form. Their research included the geographic features, history, culture, and more of their chosen country. So many of the younger students who came to our presentation were awe-struck by how diverse the countries are!   

Important Dates:

December 11: St. Andrew’s Gym for Movement

December 13: Free Dress Day- No uniform!

December 13: 3rd-5th Movie Night

December 18: St. Andrew’s Gym for Movement

December 20: Pajama Day 11:30 dismissal