The Cooper School Daily

Back at Last!


This Winter Break had the extra special addition of snow! Third Graders were thrilled to share their stories of snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights, and boogie board sledding. We got to share pictures of our snow adventures and then took some time to go back to all that we have learned about writing a personal narrative. Students wrote stories of their snow adventures and shared them with their friends. This was a great way to review previous writing skills that were taught towards the beginning of the year as well as allow the students to share stories of this unusually long and exciting snowy break.


Third Graders were thrilled to be back at school and to jump right into our studies! This week, we began our continent study of Asia. This begins with a look at the genre of folktales and reading, identifying, and enjoying tales from around the world. This provides a wonderful starting place as we move into specific Asian tales. We also began with an overview of the continents and oceans of the world before we zoomed in on Asia. Students are asked to identify the continents on a map, specifically able to find and name the continent we live on and the one we are beginning to study. From there, we have moved on to the natural borders that are created within Asia through biomes. We will be focusing on two major biomes of Asia, the mountains and grasslands.

One Word

Each year at The Cooper School we forgo resolutions and instead help students to choose “One Word” to focus on for the year. Studies have shown that most people give up on their resolutions before January is over. The “One Word” choice allows you to pick a word that can be applied to many aspects of life and be used as a guide for the year. It sets the intention for actions, thoughts, and interactions. Third Graders have done a wonderful job of brainstorming words and choosing “One Word” that has meaning for them. They have been able to explain why they chose their word as well as how it can apply to many aspects of their lives. Ask your child what word they chose.








Important Dates

  • Monday, January 15th                       MLK. Day, No School
  • Thursday, January 25th                    Art Walk, 8-9 am
  • Friday, February 16th                       February Break, No School
  • Monday, February 19th                    February Break, No School