The Cooper School Daily

Back from Break


Our Second Grade scholars have learned so much poetry! This weekApril 8 our poetry unit sadly came to an end. Second Graders completed the poetry study by learning about how to read a poem for its literal meaning and for its deeper meaning. They learned to ask, as they read, “What is the poet trying to tell me?” and “What emotion does this poem make me feel?” They also learned to pause their voices between stanzas and read punctuation carefully. These readers are going to be fantastic at Pass It On!

Tribute Poem

Before Spring Break students at TCS discussed and voted on a charity that would receive the proceeds from this year’s Pass-It-On sales. The Surfrider Foundation was the winner of this blind vote. The Surfrider Foundation works to ensure clean water, healthy oceans and accessible beaches for all to enjoy by finding lasting solutions to the threats our oceans face. Every student at TCS then spent several Writing Workshops writing tribute poems about this charity. Four of these poems were chosen to be in the running for this year’s tribute poem. After careful consideration the entire student body took another blind vote. This year’s winner was “The Ocean’s Cry” written by Jasper Sills. This will be the first poem read at Pass-It-On and will be the opening poem in the PIO publication. 


Second Graders were introduced to living “a life of joy” by thinking about experiences in their life that they would consider “sweet” or happy moments. Students also discussed “sticky” situations or the difficult moments due to something bad happening. They realized the importance in identifying these feelings then finding healthy ways to refocus their attention on the positive things in their life.

Important Dates:

     Thursday, April 14th                           TCS Silent Auction

     Wednesday, April 20th                       School Picture Day

     Friday, May 6th                                   Grandparent’s Day

     Friday, May 6th                                   Pass-It-On