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Back From the “Hurrication”


img_2150This week, students worked with a different insect each day. On Wednesday, our entomologists learned about what goes on inside an ant colony. They learned about the different roles and jobs the worker ants have, and that all the worker ants are female. They also made diagrams of their own to show all the tunnels and chambers. They were sure to include important chambers, like a very deep chamber for hibernation and chambers for egg-laying and food storage.


What an exciting week in Writing Workshop! After completing the editing and revising process on their personal narratives, students got to work on turning their work into final copies! Our authors worked hard on illustrating their book covers to catch the eyes of potential readers, and illustrated each page of their book carefully. On Monday, they will publish their books to the kindergarten class. Each student will practice their presentation skills by reading “loud and proud,” sitting up straight, and showing the pictures to the audience.img_2153


What are the kids up to in art class these days? I’m glad you asked! Since we’re working through such an important science unit (insects!), Ms. Kerry has designed a number of fantastic projects allowing our students to get creative. This week, they are working on “invented insects,” paintings of insects that students create from their imaginations. Despite being fantastical, they still must have essential insect qualities like six legs, three body segments, and antennae. They will be on display at our Insect Museum, the culminating event of this amazing unit of study. Stay tuned!

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, October 19 – 1st Grade Parent Lunch, 11:00am
  • Monday, October 31 – Halloween, Half Day, 11:30 dismissal