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Balance, Force, and Motion!

Balance, Force, and Motion

Second Grade Scientists jump started the week with writing their wonders about our new science study of balance, force, and motion.  During this study, Second Graders will learn how to write like scientists and ask questions about how the world works through the scientific process!


Our readers utilized the index of their texts to both summarize and explore nonfiction books during Reading Workshop this week.  Topics ranged from the habits of a hippopotamus, redwood trees, gravity, and dance. Readers gained the ability to utilize the index to find quick references on facts regarding their subject. During our workshop, each reader shared multiple facts they found on their particular topic.

Turn Around Facts

Our mathematicians familiarized themselves with “turn around” facts in math this week.  Second Grade scholars learned to take two numbers and reverse them in the problem to find the same answer!


October 24th                                          Parent Morning Meeting

October 31st                                      Halloween (11:30 Dismissal)