The Cooper School Daily

Be The Change

Social Studies Research

Third Graders were so excited to begin some online research this week on our Community Change Makers webpage. Students used iPads to scroll through our online database of biographical web pages. Our class was elated to find all kinds of new information about their selected activist, right at their fingertips!

Grammar Hunt

Students have been building grammar notebooks over the past couple of weeks, with each page devoted to a different grammar rule. This week, students learned how to use our student scholastic magazines for a grammar hunt! Third Graders spent a little while digging through their texts for sentences using “verbs of action” and those using “verbs of being”.



Third Grade finished our second math unit this week. Students wrapped up the unit with our Unit 2 Assessment. The unit assessment was followed by a cumulative assessment reviewing all of the math tricks they have learned this school year. We were thrilled to see Third Graders using their math building blocks to show us all that they know.



Important Dates:

  • October 31st – Halloween Carnival (11:30am Dismissal)
  • November 12th & 13th – Conferences
  • November 16th – Community Change Makers Presentation (2:00pm)
  • November 20th – Harvest Feast (11:30am Dismissal)
  • November 21st-23rd – Thanksgiving Break