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Becoming Experts

Becoming Experts 

Third Grade scholars jumped into our research week by examining their China topic choices and then meeting with their research partners. Partnerships spent the week locating and recording relevant information about their topics. Students neatly organized their research into categories to describe the who, what, when, where, why and how. They then used their findings to create a China timeline and compare the sequence of topics being covered. Scholars have identified where their topic fits on the map of China and are ready to build a three dimensional map! Our week has been filled with discovery and students are really looking forward to sharing it with you!

Sharing Information

This week brave writers wrapped up a unit on informational writing. They have spent time learning various ways to organize information when writing about a topic that teaches. Students studied mentor texts to observe how other authors organize information and use non-fiction text features. Writers learned to introduce their topic by explaining what the whole book will be about and telling a little bit about the BIG things. We noticed that when writers use fancy words and explain what they mean, they sound like experts on a topic. Third Graders know to elaborate their writing using transitional words like “because” and “also” to stretch their thinking. Writers celebrated all of this hard work by sharing our expert books with classmates and then took turns giving positive feedback.

Finger Knitting with Friends

Students collaborated to help create garland to go on The Cooper School’s holiday tree in downtown’s majestic Marion Square. The result was a very long, very colorful and very beautiful finger knitted garland! Third Graders shared time with Kindergarteners teaching them how to finger knit and it was a beautiful sight. Students were such kind and patient helpers as they demonstrated and helped their younger peers and siblings learn this handmade craft. Take a moment to drive by Marion Square and check out The Cooper School’s colorful creations!

Important Dates:

  • December 10th – Asia Presentation 8:00
  • December 18th – Pajama Day – Half Day
  • December 19th – January 4th – Winter Break
  • January 5th – School Resumes