The Cooper School Daily

Beginning New Studies!

Social Studies

This week we shifted our focus from Science to Social Studies in Fourth Grade. Students began reading about our country and its regions through a questioning the author format.  During this study, students read informational texts as a group and independently, all the while questioning the authors meaning. Alongside this work, students study maps and investigate the geography of our country.




While developing essay-writing skills this week, Fourth Graders found that personal topics were easier to write about than broad “watermelon” topics.  Students dug deep in their minds to make lists of people, places and ideas that are very important to them.  With a list to choose from, students picked one topic that they will write about and defend during this unit.  Finding three solid reasons to back up their claim was more challenging than they thought it would be.  By the end of the week, students had developed strong bases for their essays to build on.



Fourth Graders are fascinated with their novel study of Patricia MacLachan in Reading Workshop.  Students are reading Fly Away, Waiting for the Magic, and Journey.  In each novel, the main character endures internal conflicts and struggles with familial relationships.  Although the words in each book tend to be simple, the underlying themes are challenging and provoke complex emotions among young readers. 


Important Dates:

Monday, November 13th               ½ Day – Conference Day

Tuesday, November 14th               ½ Day – Conference Day

Wednesday, November 15th          Make up Picture Day

Monday, November 20th               ½ Day – Harvest Feast

Tuesday, November 21st                Thanksgiving Break – No School

Monday, November 27th                School Resumes