The Cooper School Daily

Beginning New Things…

Reading Workshop

Second Graders began a new author study this week! They began studying the works of Mem Fox. Students began reading and learning about the craft of writing. Through this study, students will be looking at different writing techniques that are used in stories, such as onomatopoeia, repeated lines, and alliteration. Second graders are captivated by this australian native. Mem’s first book ever published, is now the best selling book in Australia.

Social Studies

Second graders began their new social studies unit by recalling the continents and oceans of the world on a large floor map while singing a song about the seven continents. They continued by identifying the major biomes on each continent by playing a matching game. As the week continued students took a closer look at different types of maps, map symbols, and keys.

Mystery Reader

The class welcomed Faith Sills back as our Mystery Reader this week. The “Mystery Reader” program offers many incentives to literacy learners. When parents or other family members show up at school as a Mystery Reader, kids are sent several strategic messages; reading is special and entertaining, books are cool, and making time for storytelling matters. Mystery Readers is another way to model good reading habits while encouraging children to become lifelong readers.

Important Dates

Tuesday, December 15th – Second Grade Science Lab Presentations

Friday, December 18th – ½ Day

Friday, December 21st – Tuesday, January 5th – No School/ Winter BreakMystery Reader Mem Fox Picture