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Beginning Our New Author Study!

Author Study

Second Graders began a new author study this week! They began studying the inspiring works of Mem Fox. Mem Fox was born in Australia. By reading several of Mem’s books, students were able to identify the stories that were inspired by her early life. Students also began learning about the craft of writing. Through this study, students will be looking at different writing techniques that are used in stories, such as onomatopoeia, repeated lines, and alliteration. Second Graders are captivated by this Australian native. Mem’s first book ever published, is now the best selling book in Australia.


Second Graders began their new Social Studies unit by recalling the continents and oceans of the world on a large floor map while singing a song about the seven continents. Students also challenged each other to a “Continent and Ocean” trivia game. They continued by identifying the major biomes on each continent by playing a matching game. As the week continued students took a closer look at different types of maps, map symbols, and keys.


This week in math students have learned about the partial sums addition strategy. This is a strategy that helps students add larger, multi-digit numbers. They began by building the numbers using base ten blocks. They learned to add each place value separately. For example, first they added the hundreds, next the tens, and then the ones (in any order). Once they have all the parts, they then add the total together. This strategy of breaking larger numbers apart to make for easier solving is a skill that is built upon each year.


Important Dates:

Thursday, December 8th                  Polar Express Movie Night

Monday, December 12th                   2nd Grade Science Symposium

Friday, December 16th                      Pajama Day- Half Day

December 16th– January 3rd           Winter Break

Wednesday, January 4th                  School Resumes