The Cooper School Daily

Big Accomplishments!

4th Grade Publishing Party:

Fourth Graders celebrated a huge accomplishment this week by completing their realistic fiction pieces. Each author proudly read their book to their fellow author in a grand event held in class. To fully appreciate the time and effort put forth with this assignment, students wrote insightful feedback on Post-it notes for each author. At the end of the author share event, writers rejoiced as a whole group, mingled and remarked about their big accomplishment. Please ask your child about the publishing party. 

Building The Nile River:

This week, Fourth Graders transitioned from exploring electricity in Science to studying Ancient Civilizations in Social Studies! To kick off the new unit, we introduced mythology in our reading unit and scholars built small scale replicas of the Nile River during Social Studies. 4th Graders learned that the annual summer flooding of the Nile River was due to seasonal rains and melting snow. The class gathered in small groups and were given aluminum trays, foil, soil, seeds to plant, river rocks and finally water. They carefully poured soil in the pans and then built a long holder for the rocks out of tin foil, which was placed in the center of the pan. Seeds were sprinkled on top of the soil. Lastly, each group watered the soil and the rocks to create the flooding of the river! We will flood the river each week and see what will grow on the banks of the Nile. Ask your child about creating the Nile River.


Curious Fourth Graders: 

Fourth Graders put on their curiosity hats and started thinking profoundly about their world and what they are curious about! Students shared their creative thoughts during Morning Meeting and came up with some great wonders! Students were asked to imagine themselves on a quest to learn something new about what makes themselves most curious. Fourth Graders shared their reactions with an emphasis on emotions and their everyday lives. Ask your child about their wonders.

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Important Dates: 

Monday, 10/14 Fall Break (No School) 

Thursday, 10/31 Halloween Carnival  (10:00 am-11:30 am)