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Bird is the Word

Letter Writing

In handwriting this week, students have learned about the correct punctuation for writing a letter. Placement of those periods and commas in letter writing can be tough as a Second Grader. Students practiced abbreviations of months and writing the date properly as well as titling and addressing letters. We have another pen pal letter to write before the year is up and we are ready for round two!! We also sent an email and pictures to our Thai friends on Friday showing them our celebration here at TCS. Whoever said letter writing is dead?!

Bird is the Word

Students finally got to pick their birds this week for their final project of the year. Students first choose which category of birds they would like from the following list: birds of prey, song birds, water birds, and game birds. After some research and a lot of contemplation, students finally made their choices. Now the race is on and we are soaring!

Snapshot in a Box

During our first few days of the bird study, we recalled and wrote a story about a bird encounter that was significant to us. Over the week, that story has developed into 3D spectacles in the form of shoebox dioramas. The Tinkering Cart showed its shiny face again in the class as students used popsicle sticks, straws, wood chips, and cardstock to recreate a small moment from their story. Wrapping the shoe boxes was pretty tough to start, but some real shining moments came when students let their imaginations and crafty hands tell the story. We can’t wait to show you our creations!


Important Dates:

Climbing Wall                                  April 24

Billy, Goats, Gruff                           April 26

Climbing Wall                                  May 1  

Charleston Carriage Ride              May 3

Grandparents Day                         May 4, Early dismissal 11:30 am

Pass it On                                         May 4, 5-6pm

Climbing Wall                                May 8

Climbing Wall                               May 15