The Cooper School Daily

Birds, Grandparents, and Pass It On!

Bird Study

Second Graders were super excited to begin working on their PowerPoint Presentation this week! Students have already researched their information, written about their bird, and drawn their own pictures. This week, students began typing up their research in Word Document and transferring it over to Power Point by copying and pasting. These techno savvy students are even learning how to edit their own mistakes by using “spelling and grammar” check. Only a few more weeks until they present their final project of their second grade year.

Pass It On

Second Grade Scholars focused on preparing for our annual poetry reading at Pass It On. These veterans shared what could be expected and some tips to help each other be successful when reading their poems. Bold poets gave tips for reading loud, speaking confidently, and articulating each stanza clearly by pausing at line breaks. Students are busy practicing for the big night. We are all getting very excited about sharing our great work!


Grandparents Day

It was another successful Grandparent’s Day at TCS. To begin the morning, students welcomedGrandparents grandparents into the classroom. Students shared a typical morning meeting with a fun greeting, activity, and morning message. Next students shared their favorite math game, Name That Number. Grandparent’s Day concluded with a trip to the book fair and a spectacular choir performance. What a delightful way to spend the day!


Important Events

May 6th                                    Pass It On – 5:00 p.m.


May 24th                                 Bird Study Presentation at 8:15

May 24th                                 Magnolia Gardens Study Trip

May 27th                                 Birds of Prey Study Trip

May 30th                                 No School – Memorial Day

June 2nd                                 ½ Day – 5th Grade Graduation

June 3rd                                 ½ Day – Field Day