The Cooper School Daily

Birds & Poetry !!!

Student-Led Conferences

Second Graders began the week leading their own Self-Assessment Conference. Students discussed their progress with their parents by rotating through three different centers. Brave scholars guided their parents through Math, Cooper Village, and a Portfolio/Self assessment center. Each center focused on a rigorous skill or concept they have learned throughout the school year. Scholars highlighted their growth, their strengths, and the goals they wish to continue in order to achieve mastery.

Bird Study

Second Graders have begun studying birds this week. These curious scholars are reading, writing, and learning about the characteristics that make a bird unique. Everything from feathers to hollow bones, students identified all the features that birds have in common. Our scholars can’t wait to learn more about birds!


It’s nearly Spring, and at The Cooper School that means one thing…Poetry! Each year, TCS creates an amazing poetry publication and puts on a poetry performance called Pass It On. For the next month, students in all classes will be fully engulfed in poetry. They will read poems, write poems, analyze poems, learn and use poetic devices such as alliteration, repetition, rhythm and rhyme. This is a favorite time of year for both students and staff, as the whole school falls in love with poetry.

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, March 12 , Magnolia Plantation Field Trip
  • Saturday, March 14th, Spring Planting Party (9am-12pm)
  • March 23rd – 27th – Spring Break