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Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

This week, First Grade scientists spent time investigating a variety of solids including; cornmeal, rice, lima beans, pinto beans, and mung beans. These scholars compared this group of solids to liquids they have previously investigated, by observing what happens when each one is poured into different containers. First Grade scientists discovered that solids can be poured like liquids but do not flow in the same way. They learned that these “bits and pieces” of solids are known as “particles”. Science partners collaborated to find ways to separate different combinations of particles using screens of different sizes. Ask your First Grade scholar how they extended their particle investigation by creating artwork out of “bits and pieces”!

Math Explorations

During Math Explorations this week, scholars collaborated as they solved and designed hands-on pattern-block puzzles to find fractional parts of figures. Math partners shared ideas about the numbers that express the relationship between the pattern blocks and the larger shapes being explored. First Grade mathematicians used geoboards to build symmetrical shapes and divided the shapes into equal parts. These hands-on and manipulative rich activities help deepen First Grade mathematicians’ understanding of fractions and fractional parts of whole shapes in fun and engaging ways!

Writing Realistic Fiction Stories

First Grade writers were thrilled to dive into a new writing unit as we launched our writing of realistic fiction during Writing Workshop this week! Students tapped into their imaginations to create characters with problems that need to be solved in the stories they wrote. These brave writers learned several ways to bring their characters to life, by unfreezing people in their stories and having them talk and move throughout the story. First Grade writers know to tell their stories bit by bit in order to paint pictures with their words. Finally, First Grade writers are also working on bringing out the inside of their characters by explaining how they feel and making them think throughout the story.

Important Dates

French Party – Monday, April 16th

Swimming Lessons – Friday, April 20th

Swimming Lessons – Friday, April 27th

Swimming Lessons – Friday, May 11th

Swimming Lessons – Friday, May 18th

Dock Street Theater – Thursday, April 26th