The Cooper School Daily

Blessed Second Graders!

Las Posadas

Second Graders have spent this week learning all about Las Posadas, a religious festival celebrated in Mexico and across the United States. This festival is celebrated between December 16th-24th to commemorate the journey Mary and Joseph took from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Second Graders learned about common foods and drinks that are included in Las Posadas, as well as songs and games. Have your Second Grader tell you all about the legend of the poinsettia, the symbolic flower for Las Posadas.

Caw Caw

Scholars had a blast at the Caw Caw Interpretive Center this week! Here, Scholars had the opportunity to see the different kinds of berries, plants, weapons, and animal fur that the Kiawah people used. Scholars even got to see the steps that are taken to make a fire using four materials!

Charles Towne Landing

Second Graders explored Charles Towne Landing and the history behind the first Charleston settlers. Second Graders had the opportunity to see a built house that was used as shelter at the time, as well as a house that was still under construction. A popular artifact was the pillory, a wooden framework with holes for the head and arms. Ask your Second Grader which part of Charles Towne Landing was their favorite!

Important Dates:

January 3rd- Teacher Work Day (No School)

January 4th- Return to School

January 17th- MLK Day (No School)