The Cooper School Daily

Blossoming In Kindergarten!

Reading Workshop
Kindergartners kicked off our Reading Workshop this week by practicing how to be efficient readers. Brave readers spent time passing books around their table and reading the ones that interested them most. The students really impressed us with their ability to create a quiet environment perfect for digging into a book (just like a library!). We can’t wait to see our new readers blossom this year!

Students dove head first into phonics this week, meeting our new friend Mabel, the stuffed elephant. Kindergarteners counted the letters in Mabel’s name, studied it for tall, medium, and short letters, and joined Mabel in a fun new song, Willoughby Wallaby Woo. Students had a blast singing about our new elephant friend “sitting on” a classmate, and using our new phonics lesson to explore what their peers’ names become if we replace the starting letter with a W.

Lunch Buddies
This week, Kindergarteners spent time building relationships with their classmates. Each day, they were assigned a lunch buddy to eat and play with. We loved hearing all of the new things students learned about their buddies. It was especially rewarding for us to see those relationships move into the classroom, as Kindergarteners were eager to jump in to help their new friends with daily tasks! We are so proud of our brave, kind Kindergarteners!

Important Dates
September 2nd- Labor Day (No School)
September 11th- 1st Parent Coffee (8am)
September 16th- Kindergarten Curriculum Night (5:30-6:30)
September 20th- Cypress Gardens Field Trip