The Cooper School Daily

Bones in Fourth!

Photos Below: Fourth Graders assemble a skeleton, named Mr. Bones, as they continue identifying bones in the human body!

Science: Fourth Grade scholars continued with their human body science unit exploring new ways to identify bones. In one activity, Fourth graders were grouped into teams to assemble a human body puzzle of bones.  Teams worked to group like bones together. They checked their bone placements with a map of the human body.  Because their bone maps were made of paper, they used brass brads to link their bone structures together! Scholars learned that the shape, size and orientation of a bone are called the characteristics. The characteristics give us a clue about the function of the bone!

Social Studies

This week was an important week in Social Studies as we discussed two major highlights in our country.  The first topic was honoring Martin Luther King day.  Our class read about the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and learned interesting facts about his 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech.  Students were fascinated to learn that he did not read his initial written speech for the day, rather he spoke from the heart, in what is now one of the most widely recognized speeches in American history.  Students also recognized the inauguration of President, Joe Biden, and Vice President, Kamala Harris. Fourth Graders read details in their weekly Scholastic News journal about what President Biden and Vice President Harris were like at around their same ages.  

One Word

A tradition that all students at TCS look forward to each year is our “One Word” project.  Fourth Graders reflect on their 2020 school year and begin 2021 by selecting a word that they wish to embody for their year! Students will create a piece of art that represents their word that we will hang in our classroom as a reminder! 

Important Dates: 

Thursday, February 4th: 4th Grade Class Social (3pm-4pm)