The Cooper School Daily

Book Clubs, Civil War Study & Backyard Writing!


Students split into book clubs to begin our week-long biography unit. This seven day unit will encompass the traits of the biography genre, build on Social Studies knowledge and expand the interest of the genre to students. All the book clubs are reading books on Alexander Hamilton and one group is reading an additional book on Thomas Jefferson. The students have enjoyed planning their own reading schedule, discussions with their group members and discovering fun facts about Alexander Hamilton. Ask your student what he/she knows about Alexander Hamilton!

Social Studies

This week, students read about the key events leading up to and during the Civil War. The students worked together to create a timeline and map out the important events. Students will be creating a map of the United States during this period showing the Union states and the Confederate states. The students have really enjoyed singing the history songs on the website: Share with your student your knowledge of Charleston and the Civil War!


Students have chosen their “seed idea” for their next piece of published writing. On Tuesday, we decided to spend the day writing outside in the backyard. Students used their environment to bring forth memories of fun times with friends and family at TCS. Students have learned to use their five senses as well as brainstorm places and important people to bring forth the memories for their memoirs. Ask your student about their seed idea for their memoir!


Important Dates

Monday, November 13th – ½ day- Conferences

Tuesday, November 14th – ½ day- Conferences

Wednesday, November 15th -Make up Picture Day

Friday, November 17th – Field trip to Gibbes Museum

Monday, November 20th-Harvest Feast, 11:30 Dismissal

Tuesday, November 21st-Thanksgiving Break, No School

Monday, November 26th -School Resumes

Friday, December 8th-1:30 p.m.- Choir Performance