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Brave Risk Takers

Insect Museum Presentation

On Tuesday, 1st Grade Entomologists presented their Insect Museum to parents and family members. This was the culmination of a study that began about six weeks ago. In that time, scholars collected insect specimens, observed mealworms, observed ants inside an ant farm, raised and released monarch butterflies, researched an insect of their choosing using books and internet sources, wrote small moment stories about insects, learned about and labeled the body parts of ant and the parts of an art hill, and created watercolor paintings of insects. Many of these works, and more, were displayed in the museum. It was such a proud day for our scholars.

Preparing to Present and Reflecting on our Hard Work

Public speaking is one of the most important forms of communication and a skill that most adults use often. We know that speaking in front of a group can be nerve wracking and anxiety producing, especially for children. The Cooper School values public speaking and we are always looking for ways to build it into our learning in ways that feel seamless and organic for students. This often happens during Morning Meeting. To get ready for our Insect Museum Presentation, 1st Graders practiced reading their research to 4th Grade scholars. The 4th Graders listened and encouraged them, and also offered some wonderful feedback and tips! We are so grateful to our upper-class buddies! Following our presentation, scholars reflected on what they had learned and what they were most proud of.

Cultivating Beautiful Relationships

We love seeing our young students socialize with their classmates and with friends in other classes during snack, lunch, recess and during Afterschool. We see them being interested in and asking questions about other friends’ interests and family lives, joining in group games that encourage friendly competition, and engaging in elaborate dramatic play. This social time is so important. Not only does it allow children to move and nourish their bodies, get fresh air, and take brain breaks, but it also helps teachers plan assignments that will be engaging and challenging for them, anticipate books they may enjoy, and understand their social and emotional needs.

Important Dates:

November 12th & 13th         Conferences (11:30 dismissal)  

November 16th                      Picture Day

November 20th                     Harvest Feast (11:30 dismissal)

November 21st-25th            Thanksgiving Break