The Cooper School Daily

Bright New Year!


This week students studied more complex electrical circuits using D-cell batteries and flashlight bulbs. Students were able to build both a series circuit and parallel circuit. They were able to explain why series circuits need more energy sources to light the bulbs and why parallel circuits made the bulbs shine brighter. Students enjoyed tackling challenges such as putting a switch into the circuit to control both, or just one, of the bulbs. Some students even figured out how to create a reverse switch, which worked in the opposite way than expected. Others discovered that using more than one battery makes their bulbs shine super bright!


Before Winter Break, 4th graders were learning how to effectively read nonfiction texts with a focus on different text structures.  The texts that they were reading were all about the American Revolution.  This week we continued to read about history, but through a completely different genre, historical fiction.  The first part of this unit focuses on teaching students the role that the setting plays in historical fiction novels.  This week, students began reading stories that are set during this time period and are able to recognize the settings and historical figures that take part in the books. 

One Word

Around the world, on New Year’s Day, people make resolutions- new goals to guide their lives. This year at The Cooper School we want our students to feel that same sense of introspective goal setting and personal improvement. Students were asked to find one word that they will focus on this year. The class brainstormed ideas like “optimism”, “perseverance” and “patience”. Then they created a card with this word beautifully written and on the back, each student explained why they chose that word and how they hoped it would help guide them throughout the year. This class is headed for more great things in 2017!

Important Dates:

  • January 10 – Rebels and Redcoats Field Trip
  • January 12 – Parent Forum, 5:45 – 6:45
  • January 16 – MLK Day, No School
  • January 27 – Art Walk, 8:00