The Cooper School Daily

Brilliant Second Graders

Origami and Sundaes

Scholars had so much fun hanging out with friends after school this week! Everyone got together to take part in an origami party with sundaes. Scholars tried out different origami patterns such as dogs, penguins, ice cream cones, sunglasses, and so much more! Be sure to ask your Scholar what their favorite part of the afternoon was. 

Cooper Village

This week Second Graders participated in a number of centers that revolved around creating their village. Through these centers Second Graders started to write essays about their jobs, created business logos, and made abstract art pieces of their assigned natural disasters. Second Graders also made progress in their construction of businesses, personal houses, and transportation vehicles. 

Art Show

Scholars had the privilege of sharing their artwork with friends and family this week. In art class, Scholars worked with Miss Henslee to capture true qualities in themselves to produce a self portrait along with a personal piece of art that was meaningful to them. The audience was able to stroll through the art gallery and read each Artists’ statement explaining their artwork, what they used to create it, and why it’s meaningful to them. 

Important Dates:

February 21-22: February Break