The Cooper School Daily

Bring on the bees!

Bee Garden

Fifth grade was awarded a grant from On the Table to build a bee garden in the backyard! We have started the process of “beautifying” a corner of the playground that will be our Fifth Grader’s legacy! This week we worked together to build a planter box that will be

 full of colorful flowers that will attract the bees. We will continue to work on this garden throughout the year.




Line Plots

This week Mathematicians worked with line plots to show data. We measured our heights and compared them with the rest of the class. Students even challenged themselves and added all of Fifth Grade heights together to get our combined height measurement in inches. Later in the week we also compared and contrasted heights of different animals to a typical Fifth Grader.


Explorer ships

Students set sail last week on their expeditions to the New World. This week explorers drew the ship that their explorer would have sailed in long ago. Many ships consisted of sails and a bow, but some of these explorers only set sail with a small canoe like boat. These ships were up for display at our presentation for all to admire.

Important Dates

  • Saturday, March 16- Spring Planting Party
  • March 25-29 Spring Break