The Cooper School Daily

Bucket List!


Conjunction junction what’s your function? Combining words, phrases and clauses. Students worked on using conjunctions in their sentences this week to combine words and phrases, to contrast and to show options. 4th Graders are using grammar tools to enhance their writing  skills. Ask your child to sing the conjunction song!

Bucket List!

As we entered the month of May, our Fourth Grade students created a priceless bucket list to close out the year. The class chose different activities to add to the list and we have been checking them off day by day. Each student has a voice and a wish, which we try to fulfill before the school year comes to a close. One favorite list wish was challenging the Third Graders to a relay race, and the race was an epic event on the TCS playground. Another popular bucket list wish was writing a mystery story. Please ask your child about a bucket list item they have chosen.

Pen Pals!

Students were thrilled to start their letters to their pen pals in Ghana. Students worked to describe their families, friends and the activities they enjoy. The letters were decorated and signed and sealed. The focal point of composing these letters was to engage our students in an activity that would brighten another person’s life. Ask your child what they wrote in their letters!


Important Dates:


  • Monday, 5/20-Friday, 5/24 ERB Testing
  • Monday, May 27th- Memorial Day! No School
  • Thursday, 5/30 5th Grade Graduation-Half Day
  • Friday, 5/31 Field Day-Half Day