The Cooper School Daily


The Moon

This week the Fourth Graders have been learning about and observing the moon. Through keeping a moon observation log and checking out the night sky each night, students are beginning to gather information to help them understand the lunar cycle. The first night was a puzzle because no one could see the moon! We discovered that this was because the moon was at the beginning of its cycle, in the new moon phase. Slowly, each night we could see a little more of the moon, which we learned is called the waxing crescent. We will continue to do this for one whole month, until it cycles back to the new moon again.

Kindergarten Buddies

On Thursday, Fourth Graders were delighted to have lunch buddies with Kindergarten! Each student had a little buddy that they ate lunch with and then played with. We didn’t let the rainy day stop us! Students ate inside and were tasked with learning three new things about their buddies and one thing that they had in
common. When the rain let up, we got to go outside and play Buddy Blob tag! Ask your student who their buddy was and what they had in common.

Second Grade Buddies

On Friday, Fourth Graders got to buddy up with Second Grade! This time, the Fourth Graders were acting as writing partners to share their poetry expertise and help Second Graders revise. These expert poets could be found helping the Second Graders add luscious language, rhymes, repetition, alliteration, and many other poetry tools they knew to their buddy’s poems. They then worked with their buddy to write a poem for two voices. After choir, they got together again for lunch buddies and taught the Second Graders to play our new game, buddy tag! Fourth Graders noticed how mucfaster the Second Graders were than their Kindergarten Buddies.

Important Dates:

  • April 5 – Make up Picture Day
  • April 10 – 17 – Spring Break, No School
  • April 18 – School Resumes
  • April 20 – Silent Auction