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Bugging Out!

Optimism is the ultimate brain food for Growth Mindset!

Our scholars have been studying the science behind optimism and are currently taking this concept a step further! Fourth Graders learned how the brain works in relation to a positive growth mindset. They grasped the concept that their abilities and talents can be developed through positive talk, effort and persistence. Students broke into brain groups and shared a function of each part of the brain. For example: The Frontal Lobe group shared memories since memory is a key function of this part of the brain. Students inspected a diagram of the brain and then labeled the different lobes of the brain to conclude the activity. Please ask your child about their growth mindset motto!



Bugging Out!

Our mathematicians were busy creating line plots with ⅛ inch increments for their insect measuring activity. The insects, which were featured in their Math journals ranged from the Green Lacewing to the Short-Tailed Duck Darter Dragonfly. Students measured the insects bodies rather than wingspans. To round off the activity, students charted their findings and included a title and a label. The main objective was to encourage students to use a Line Plot to solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions. Please ask your child which insect was the most challenging to measure.



The Sun, Moon, and Stars Finale!

Our astronomers are winding down from a wonderful journey into the outer reaches of space! Fourth Graders have studied how the Sun impacts their daily lives, how shadows are created, the Lunar phases and the difference between a New Moon and a Waning Gibbous Moon. Scholars studied in depth about different constellations that are seen in the night sky during specific seasons. Our scholars read an online Charleston, Sun and Moon chart every class to track how many hours and minutes of daylight exist in South Carolina. They soared to new heights during this science unit and a few highlights included the virtual tour of the International Space Station (ISS) in 3-D, sitting inside the mobile Planetarium, recording the Moon phases and watching the Goddard Space Station video. Please ask your child about their most memorable moment of this unit.


Important Dates:


  • Saturday, 4/6 Spring Planting Party (9am-12pm)
  • Friday, 4/19-Monday, 4/22 April Break-No School
  • Thursday, 4/25 Spring Auction