The Cooper School Daily

Building Connections

ABC School
This week, Kindergarteners got to celebrate all that they have learned so far in their study of phonics by holding “ABC School” for special stuffed animal friends! These brave “teachers” spent time showing their special critters each letter and teaching the sounds that went with them. They sang alphabet songs and even showed their stuffed friends words that started with each letter! We were impressed by all of the knowledge Kindergarteners were ready and excited to share!

Students were excited to kick off their next Social Studies unit this week on buildings. We began our week by exploring all of the different aspects of buildings that Kindergarteners were curious about. We began to explore all of the shapes used in different buildings throughout the world, and concluded our week by observing some of the details of our own space. Students explored and counted exactly how many doors and windows were used to build The Cooper School. We are excited to foster the curiosity and creativity that this unit will definitely bring!

Grandparents Day
We were so excited to welcome Grandparents & Special Friends to The Cooper School this week. Visitors were treated to a special concert in our backyard performed by Kindergarten, First, and Second Graders. Afterwards, guests were welcomed into our classroom for some additional fun. Kindergarteners were given the chance to give their special guests a tour of our classroom, showing off all of their hard work on display. Grandparents and friends then joined Kindergarteners for Centers, where students interviewed their visitor, they spent time illustrating each other, and had a blast brushing up on their math skills with one of our favorite math games!

Important Dates
November 25th- Harvest Feast (11:30 Dismissal)
November 26th- Half Day (11:30 Dismissal)
November 27th-29th- Thanksgiving Break (No School)