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Building Museum

Kindergarten Writers Explain “How-To” in Their Writing

Kindergarteners eagerly embarked upon an exciting new kind of writing during Writing Workshop this week. Students examined mentor texts to explore how authors write to teach. Students thought about topics they know well, things they could teach others how to do. Kindergarten writers were quite busy sharing their knowledge on a variety of topics in which they are “experts”. They then took a step back to examine their writing, asking themselves, “Can I follow this?”. From there, writing partners met to share their “How-To” books with each other. Partners were able to ask and answer questions to give each other feedback. Finally, our young writers learned that when teaching others how to do something, labels and diagrams can be used to give even more information.

Clothing and Fabrics Come Alive In K!

Kindergarteners eagerly embarked upon an exciting new study on clothing and fabrics during Science and Social Studies this week. We explored students’ knowledge of clothing and fabrics and then shared wonders aboutthe topic. Students are excited to explore the many purposes of clothing including: decoration, communication, modesty, and protection. In our Imagination Station learning center students are exploring clothing worn for decorative purposes. Kinder-artists even made hats fashioned in pilgrim style during their art-learning center this week. They are finding many creative ways to explore fancy clothes! 

Buildings Museum

Kindergarten building enthusiasts celebrated the end of their building unit by having a buildings museum. Kindergarteners got to share their blueprint designs, buildings, artwork, and all the wonderful things they did and explored. It was a great event!

Important dates:

  • Monday, Decemnber 16th MLK Day No School
  • Monday, January 23rd James and the Giant Peach @ Dock Street theatre
  • Friday, January 27th Art Walk @ 8:00