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Building Our Knowledge

Building our Knowledge

Kindergarteners were delighted to launch our Buildings unit in Science and Social Studies this week. They offered diverse background knowledge based on individual experiences and unique wonders, as we began to discuss local buildings, buildings that are far away, and buildings that are far, far away. Student pairs compared photographs of buildings near and far and shared observations during a class discussion. Our learning centers reflected the wonderful world of buildings through building and constructing with the blocks, illustrating their home and writing their address in the art center, and designing then constructing a building in the tinkering center. Students also examined parts of the Kindergarten classroom to record how many windows and doors we have. Ask your curious Kindergarteners what they have learned about buildings this week.

I am the BOSS of my body!

This week, Kindergarteners learned strategies to help them regulate their emotions. These brave scholars learned steps they can take to help identify warning signs of when they are feeling frustrated, annoyed, angry, or scared. They know to watch out for hot cheeks, pounding hearts, or sweaty hands. Kindergarteners know to pay close attention to these signs in their body! These feelings are a signal to them to stop, wait and reflect, thinking to themselves, “How can I solve this problem?”. Kindergarten friends are learning to be problem-solvers. They know that problem-solvers think of a plan and always use a calm tone, instead of reacting to a problem.

Our First Published Work

 Kindergarten writers have been so busy writing and illustrating, as they prepare to publish to Fifth Grade friends this week! These brave writers selected their very best piece of writing to revise, edit, and prepare for publishing. Scholars spent the week putting finishing touches on their pieces by carefully illustrating pictures to match the words on each page using true-life colors. Ask your Kindergartener how they felt publishing their work to their Fifth Grade buddies! 

Important Dates:

  • Monday, November 13th Parent Conferences 11:30 Dismissal
  • Tuesday, November 14th Parent Conferences 11:30 Dismissal
  • Wednesday, November 15th Make-Up Picture Day
  • Monday, November 20th Harvest Feast 11:30 Dismissal
  • Tuesday, November 21st – Friday, November 24th Thanksgiving Break