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Building Our Knowledge

Meet Donald Crews img_1822

Kindergarten readers are exploring a new author study on Donald Crews. This week they have learned that Donald Crews is not only an author, but also an illustrator! In fact, he is such a great illustrator that he has won a special
award that is awarded annually by the American Library Association, to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children. Kindergarten students are enjoying discovering more about Donald Crews through his vast collection of books.

What is Gratitude and How Do We Show It?

Students have been exploring the topic of Gratitude during our morning meetings. We discussed what it means to feel gratitude, how to show it, and the many ways to express it. Students shared ideas on ways to receive gratitude and why it matters. Kindergarteners love participating in these “grateful” activities!

Building our Knowledge

Kindergarteners were delighted to launch our Buildings unit in Science and Social Studies this week! They offered diverse background knowledge based on individual experiences and unique wonders, as we began to discuss local buildings, buildings that are far away, and buildings that are far, far away. Student groups compared photographs of buildings near and far and shared observations during a class discussion. Our learning centers reflected the wonderful world of buildings through building and constructing in the blocks center, illustrating their home animg_1830d writing their address in the art center, and designing then constructing a building in the tinkering center. Students examined parts of the Kindergarten classroom to record how many windows and doors we have. Ask your curious Kindergarteners what they have learned about buildings this week!  

Important Dates

  • Monday, November 14th 11:30 Dismissal (Parent Conferences)
  • Tuesday, November 15th 11:30 Dismissal (Parent Conferences)
  • Thursday, November 17th Study Trip to American College of building Arts
  • Tuesday, November 22nd Harvest Feast and Concert 11:30 Dismissal
  • Wednesday, November 23rd –Friday, November 25th Thanksgiving Break