The Cooper School Daily

Buildings, Gratitude, and Natural Dyes


Kindergarteners were delighted to launch our buildings unit in Science and Social Studies this week. They offered diverse background knowledge based on individual experiences and unique wonders, as we began to discuss local buildings, buildings that are far away, and buildings that are far, far, away. Our learning centers reflected the wonderful world of buildings through building and constructing in the block center, illustrating their home in the art center, and pretending to be construction workers in the imagination station. Students examined parts of the Cooper School to record how many windows and doors we have. We discussed how builders build houses by following a design and leaving openings for glass windows and doors to be put in. Ask your curious kindergartener what they learned about buildings this week?


Students have been exploring the topic of gratitude during morning meeting this week. They discussed what it means to feel grateful, how to show it, and the many ways to express it. Students have been sharing what they are grateful for and AlexKhow expressing that gratefulness makes us feel happier inside. Students have shared ideas on ways to receive gratitude and why it matters. Ask your kindergartener what they are grateful for today?

Natural Dyes

Kindergarten students experienced a beautiful lesson in using natural dyes to paint, by local artist and parent Rose Wirtz. Rose visited with kindergarteners Thursday under the oak trees to demonstrate the process she uses for creating a rainbow of dyes using items found in nature. Kindergarteners were utterly amazed to discover that she used a bug that lives in the desert to create the vibrant red. Stay tuned for the unfolding of this exciting project.