The Cooper School Daily

Busy Week!

Pass It On

The Cooper School tradition of publishing and sharing student poetry celebrated its tenth year! Third Graders were excited, and a little nervous, to share their poems to a crowd of family, friends, and more. We have been practicing our poems, learning the importance of annunciation and the strength of pauses. It was a moment of pride to watch all students, from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade, get up on stage and present their work to such a large audience. Well done Cooper Kids!


Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Another tradition of Cooper School is Grandparents and Special Friends Day! During this half day, we open our doors and classroom to share with these important people all the things we do here at The Cooper School. Students begin by sharing their beautiful voices in a choir performance. Grandparents then join us in the classroom for students to share some of the work we have been doing. Third Graders were proud to show off their multiplication skills in a game of Multiplication Bingo. They also interviewed their visitors to find out what they enjoyed when they were in Third Grade. We also practiced naming and locating states as part of our state study by sharing all the states we have visited.





Third Graders embarked on their annual climbing trips this spring! Each year, Second and Third Graders get to go to the James Island County Park to tackle the 50 foot climbing wall. Third Graders have the experiences from last year to build on their climbing skills. These trips are about more than just climbing and having fun. Students spent time in the classroom, thinking about their level of confidence and setting personal goals. They each selected an accountability partner that they felt would help them to achieve their goals. Students talked about how motivation to accomplish something helps to increase their confidence to keep trying when things get hard. They applied this idea to their climbing and most students were able to complete their goals and set higher goals to reach for.





Our class was sad to say goodbye to our assistant, Mrs. Marsha, who has taken the rest of the year off. We agreed it was not goodbye forever, just a see you later. Students shared an appreciation circle with Marsha, expressing all the ways she has helped them individually and how she has helped the whole class. Marsha was sad to leave and shared some treats and sweet notes with the students. These observant Third Graders were able to remark on all the ways that Mrs. Marsha helped our class and she will be missed.




Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, May 8 Climbing, 8:30 – 11:30
  • Tuesday, May 15 Climbing, 11:30 – 2:30
  • Sunday, May 20 End of the Year Picnic- 3:30-5pm @ Magnolia Plantation
  • Thursday, May 31 Half Day, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, June 1 Field Day, 11:30 Dismissal