The Cooper School Daily

Busy Workers


This week in Science, Third Graders got to choose an independent investigation to conduct about water. Students pursued their interests by asking a question that they want to find the answer to. Some students decided to work together in partnerships to explore their similar interests. Students have selected things such as, “How does the moon affect the oceans?” and, “Is it possible to make an ice cube sink?”. Next week, students will present their findings to the class as the final celebration of our study of water.


Third Grade Mathematicians have been very excited to be learning about multiplication. We have been focusing on the importance of knowing multiplication facts quickly, just like we know our addition facts, as well as the relationship between multiplication and division. Using patterns and repeated practice with multiples, Third Graders are on their way to knowing their multiplication facts.

Holiday Migration

Every year, The Cooper School teaches about the many different holidays that occur this time of year during Whole School Morning Meeting. This is a wonderful way for students to be exposed to cultures and celebrations from around the world. Each year, we select a common theme that connects these celebrations. This year, TCS is focusing on light and how light is used and represented in the many winter holidays. During Whole School Morning Meeting, students will be learning about St. Lucia Day, Los Posadas, Hanukkah, Christmas, and the Winter Solstice. Each of these holidays, celebrated in various places around the world, use light as a part of their celebrations.

Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, December 20th          Polar Express Movie Night 5-8
  • Thursday, December 21st               Pajama Day, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, December 22nd                   Winter Break Begins
  • Thursday, January 4th, 2018         Return to School