The Cooper School Daily

Butterflies, Butterflies, Everywhere……….

IMG_0582Monarch Migration

Young scientists are watching and observing for monarch butterflies in the backyard. To help support this incredible migration, Kindergarteners planted milkweed, parsley, and fennel in our class’ garden box. These plants are essential for monarchs. We check the leaves daily for tiny monarch caterpillar eggs. Young scientists are also integrating their learning by observing painted lady caterpillars and their life cycle stages, creating symmetrical butterflies, and using pretending to be butterflies with scarfs at the imagination station. Ask your young scientist all about monarch butterflies?


To end our study of the wiggly redworm, Kindergarteners worked cooperatively together to create a mural of a redworms’s habitat. It was amazing to watch your kindergartener problem solve, share, and communicate with each other to show what they had learned about redworms. Kindergarteners placed our real worms in the backyard so they can live in their natural habitat. They are excited to check in with their worm friends during outside time.

Closing Circle

Kindergarteners end the day by participating in closing circle. This gives your child a chance to end their day by reflecting on something positive and meaningful. It also lends to a peaceful dismissal. Your kindergartener loves to share a “glow or grow”. A glow is something they did well at for the day and they are proud of and a grow is something they want to work on or get better at. Kindergarteners also participate in a goodbye routine in which they can give me a hug, handshake, or high five before we dismiss to carpool. I get a lot of hugs!  Ask your Kindergartener what their glow was for the day?